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  1. I’ve been looking for cards like these, but I didn’t think anyone had done them! Thanks so much for opening and extending the conversation in a really helpful way. Many people don’t know where to begin, and you’ve given us a familiar, more comfortable way to start.

  2. Thank you for the interesting and creative way to start important death conversations. My original journet with death started at age 10, when my mini-bike friend got hit by a car and killed. I remember “Spirit In The Sky” was on the radio that summer. After years of playing music for a living, I started teaching the year 9/11/2001 happened, and my 30 year old nephew died in Feb. Two days after Christmas that year my sister died unexpectedly. My wife and I took care daily of my dad who died 2004, and my mother-in-law who died 2005. I teach preschool kids with severe disabilities and health impairments, and so far 19 former students have died before age 15. I thought maybe I was supposed to become a reluctant death counselor, but just became sort of an informal death expert, reading everything by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and people like her. Death transformed my life, making platitudes unacceptable and silly ‘Christian-isms’ like “At least they’re in a better place” hateful. Now I’m in some kind of state between faith in a power higher than my self, and trying to not settle for less than good well thought out and sensitive answers to the Big Questions. I’m sure your game will be enlightening.

  3. Healthy discussion about death & associated issues has a potential to positively change the cultural value of prolonging life, increasing the time we spend with disability in our later years. Good on you for your contribution to this discussion!

  4. Looking forward to having your cards. When my film, LIVING WHILE DYING is completed, I will go on the road with it and take your cards with me. The film is meant to prompt conversations and its lovely to have additional tools.

  5. I heard your interview on Karen Wyatt’s event last year and am eager to have the cards to help me discuss my wishes with my family and help me clarify in a lighter mode just what I value.

    Thanks for acting on your inspiration and collaborating as Father and Daughter.

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